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Say No to Cobb County Zoning Application Z-70

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Update on the Casteel\Mitchell Farm development\Z-70 rezoning request: The Board of Commissioners approved the rezoning of the Neal farm on 9/20/16.

Joann Birrell asked Kevin Moore to address the 2.0 acres issue (how they could calculate only 2 acres of non-buildable area on that land, as we all thought there was more). He said that a professional engineer had done the calculations, he's certified by the State of Georgia, and if it's good enough for Georgia, it's good enough for him.

Joann also asked Philip Westbrook, who works for Cobb County, about the 2.0 acres. He said he doesn't usually do this, but he checked some maps and it looked like 1.6 acres flood plain to him and another 0.4 acres for the pool & parking, so he thought the 2.0 acres would be right.

The developer is going to kick in $60K to help pay for sidewalk and fixing Mitchell Road with curbs. With hours of work conditions and some other stipulations, it's a done deal. Nobody seemed to care about traffic and schools, and I got the impression they think the County will take care of any water problems. The Commission approved 5-0 with practically no discussion.

Additional concessions achieved:
- to protect the surrounding residences from the construction noise there will be limitations on building hours: they can start at 7am Monday through Friday, 9am on Saturday and no work on Sunday. I can’t remember the end times but they were reasonable.
- an Arborist along with Joann Birrell will need to evaluate what trees, plants etc will need to come out before they are allowed to take them out.
- stormwater management is going to ensure there is no further damage done to Wicks Lake via silt studies.
- a larger buffer for houses in Sumter Lake (moreso bc under the revised plan for the subdivision, they build on the natural ridges of the land - which leads to the larger buffer for Sumter Lake)

Thanks to all who signed this petition in opposition to this incredibly dense development.

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