Say no to Benefit Cheats and Public Sector Strikes

simon panton
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Why should self employed small business owners who pay their taxes and work for a living pay for the lazy good for nothing benefit cheats who want money handed to them on a plate. Unlike the Public Sector, Self Employed voters dont get someone else to pay into their final salary pension scheme and death in service benefits. Whats worse is they want you and me to give them a pay rise. They should be grateful they have a job with guaranteed wages. Most of us have to work for a living. These people should be stopped from striking and forced to face reality. This government is doing what it can to reduce the defecit. its not perfect but at least we voted it in. Teachers and benefit crooks should not have the same rights because they are forcing us. If we had a chance to give more benefits or to teachers more pay would we vote for it and loose our businesses. The answer is no. Say No to Benefit Cheats and say No to Selfish Public sector strikers who have it easy!





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