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As the 2016 Presidential Race gets closer each day, it is time to take a closer look at who the Republican Party will choose as their candidate . In the past several Presidential elections , the Republican Establishment has shoved a candidate in our faces, claiming that a moderate candidate was the only way to defeat the Liberal/Democrats, which have proven to be unsuccessful. Many Conservatives, Tea Partiers, 111%ers, and Constitutionalists choose to just sit home and not vote because voting for A RINO is essentially no different than voting for the Democratic counterpart. Well this time around, "We the People", The Constitutionalists, The Conservatives, Tea Partiers, 111%ers, and others want the GOP to know that we are not going to sit by and let this happen any longer! We are taking control of the future of this great country as well as our party! We will not back, support, vote or help any RINO from your Republican Establishment.

As we all know , there has been a "Civil War" within the Republican Party for many years between the Establishment and the (Conservatives, Constitutionalists, Tea Partiers, 111%ers and more). If the Republican Party does not band together and select a candidate who can appeal to the Economic ConservativesAS WELL AS the Christian Conservatives, the party will die. RINO Republicans have a fundamental misunderstanding of the real Republican Party and the Conservatives, Tea Party, 111%ers, Constitutionalist American. They wish to become part of the ruling class and ditch the Constitution. We Conservatives, Tea Partiers, 111%ers, Constitutionalists and others do not need to stand for this and we won't! RINOS buy into the slippery slop of the economic theory of consumption over production and it's killing the American economy RAPIDLY. WE THE PEOPLE want a candidate who will bring fiscal conservatism back to our country. RINOS look similar to their Democratic counterpart with their "moderate" views on values and moral issues. WE THE PEOPLE demand a candidate who will represent OUR values and morals on the issues as the Republican Party once did.

This is a critical time in history for not only our country, but our party too. We want a candidate who will be able to appeal to Conservatives, Tea Partiers, 111%ers, Constitutionalists and others across the board, economic and Christian. We will lose again if the " Establishment" is allowed to pick the Republican candidate for President. Let's face it, the GOP needs the Conservatives , Constitutionalists, Tea Partiers, 111%ers, and other Americans in order to survive and win the 2016 Presidential Election. For the "Establishment" to continue to try to destroy the Tea Party, Conservative groups, Constitutionalist groups, and 111%ers, is self defeating. So, WE THE PEOPLE, The Conservative Americans, The Constitutionalist Americans, The Tea Party Patriot Americans, the 111%ers Americans are warning you, GOP, if you shove another RINO Republican, Establishment bought partier or Republican insider, down throats again , we will not vote for or support that candidate. This includes Jeb Bush, Mitt Romney and Chris Christie. You need us, so you had better heed this as warning and listen to "WE THE PEOPLE"

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