“Living Shorelines” for Shoreline Stabilization

Melissa Danielson
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To: Chesapeake Bay Trust

Dear Ms. Wijetunga:

We, the undersigned homeowners and residents of Linstead on the Severn, would like to join the Chesapeake Bay Trust in their efforts to encourage the installation and understanding of "living shorelines".  The Yantz Cove Shoreline Restoration Project would serve as an ideal living shoreline model to showcase and encourage the implementation of other living shoreline projects.

The Yantz Cove Peninsula is 400 feet long and about 40 feet wide.  There used to be enough beach to walk the 400 foot shoreline to the point.  The beach is now under water most of the time and the land that remains is so thick with phragmites that it is not accessible.  The beach is eroding away, vegetation is deteriorating, and the entire area is suffering habitat loss.

Installing a "living shoreline" would be the ideal solution to save the Yantz Cove beach and reserve area.  We understand that the Living Shoreline Initiative is partially designed to reverse the trend of shoreline hardening.  Linstead on the Severn recognizes the importance of living shorelines in Maryland; we do not promote artificial shoreline stabilization.  As a community, we would embrace the opportunity to partner with the Chesapeake Bay Trust on this meaningful restoration project.  Thank you for your consideration.


[the undersigned]


Linstead on the Severn Community Association, Executive Committee





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