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Contract for a Free America

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TO:         Michele Bachmann and Jim Demint


                Saving the Republic


Most people of independent and libertarian orientation are fed up with Republicans – so many of them have become socialist light. On the other hand we are terrified of Democrats and the Marxist administration.

The fear and anger are boiling over and this gives the Republicans an historic opportunity to save the Republic.

But first you have win congressional majorities and the Whitehouse.

This letter is addressed to you because you seem to understand the threat of tyranny and have the courage to speak out plainly. You already “get it”. This letter is intended to help you in getting other Republicans to get it.

If you want to retake congress and receive the contributions to fund the effort, here is all you have to do.

Don’t debate policy details with forces bent on our destruction.

Come out in coordinated force with a new CONTRACT FOR A FREE AMERICA.

We pledge our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor to:

1. Overthrow the tyranny that is controlling our lives, liberty, and economic happiness.

2. Repeal laws and programs that violate the Constitution of the United States.

3. Reduce the size and intrusion of the government by reducing the size and number of agencies.

4. Put an end to fiscal gluttony; reduce spending by 2% annually until Government spending is at 17% of GDP and to reduce the national debt to a sustainable level.

It’s four short paragraphs but captures all that is important to our future.

Candidates who publicly sign this pledge will be flooded with funds and majorities will be won.

Author and first signer

John Powser

1133 S Wabash

Chicago, Il




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