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On February 8, 2010, the town of Westford, by and through its Board of Selectmen, requested proposals from organizations to operate the premises located at 65 Main Street, 73 Main Street and 170 Plain Road, collectively consisting of approximately 24,864 net usable square feet, with associated parking and grounds.  The town seeks to have the proposer offer programs similar to those currently offered at the Roudenbush Community Center, such as community education, preschool, after school, gymnastics, licensed day care, and child and adult classes.  The town received approval to lease the properties at the May 9, 2009 Annual Town Meeting.  The town’s objective in soliciting proposals is to identify a responsive and responsible proposer that provides the best value to the town, whose proposal is compatible with the town’s Parks, Recreation and Cemetery Department operations, and also provides a benefit to town residents.

In response to the proposals for lease of town owned property:


·        We, the residents of Westford, believe that the town's best long term interests are best served by an organization that is non-profit, whose goal is to satisfy it's customers and an organization that solely operates in Westford.

·        We, the residents of Westford, prefer the pre-school educational approach that is exemplified by the Roudenbush Community Center teachers.

·        We, the residents of Westford, urge the Board of Selectman to vote for Roudenbush Community Center to continue to operate in Westford.





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