Save the Doom Patrol!

Petar Grulovic
Petar Grulovic 14 Comments
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After years of average ongoings and random appearances, Keith Giffen and Matthew Clark finally brought us a Doom Patrol series that we can enjoy and appreciate. And now, DC have chosen to cancel it in May 2011. Without support, promotion and solid marketing, no 'fringe' comic can survive. And so we ask DC: can you bring Doom Patrol back from the brink of cancellation, with full support and dedication towards these great characters? Online reviews have praised this comic consistently - the fan appreciation is there, but the fanbase needs to be broadened. Keith Giffen, who has done a fantastic job as the writer, once said that DC would have to pry Doom Patrol from his "cold, dead fingers". Do it, DC. Save the Doom Patrol. And save Keith Giffen's life.




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