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Save Tasha and let her return back home

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My husband and I adopted a female one year old black lab. She truly has been a huge blessing to our family. Her name is Tasha and we have had her for a little over two years. She never barks or snaps at anything or anyone. She is great with all children of all ages and animals of all sizes and breeds. A year in a half ago my boys left the sliding back door open and Tasha got out side. Tasha saw a neighbor walking her jack russell, Tasha jumped over our half wall in front of our house to play with the other dog. Needless to say the jack russell freaked out and swiped Tasha in the face and a dog fight broke out. My neighbor got in the middle of the fight and got bit in her hand. I grabbed Tasha put her in my house, grabbed my first aid kit and bandaged my neighbors hand. Thankfully both dogs were fine and my neighbors hand was ok. Heres where the kicker comes in, almost two years later the same exact thing happened with the same neighbor and dog. The only reason this as happened again is because Tasha is a in door family dog and if she see's people or other animals she gets over excited and wants to play, and the other dog gets very scared and protective. Now that this has happened again my neighbor wants Tasha put down, is pressing criminal charges against me and suing me. I feel horrible for my neighbor but I want to be able to find a solution that would work for the both of us without having Tasha killed. I truly believe that this situation is a dog miscommunication. I want to build a fence that incloses my backyard from my front yard so that if Tasha ever gets out again she wont have any access to the front yard. I don't want my neighbor to be uncomfortable walking the neighborhood and I don't want a great lovable harmless dog to be killed. Many of my other neighbors, their kids and their dogs love Tasha and want her back home. Even the regular UPS deliver loves Tasha. Not one person has a bad thing to say about Tasha nor has has any issues with her! Please sign this petition so that I can get Tasha back home to her family!


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