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Save our research - Save our planet

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BACKGROUND: Every time you switch on the news, there's more gloom and doom about climate chaos, the state of the economy, running out of fuel, new diseases... Famines and disasters are still with us. We are leaving these problems to our children. They had no part in this. They don't have the means to do anything about it. All these problems are going to get worse, not better. Is there something we could do about it Yes there is! FIELD EXPERTS: 30 ecologists, environmentalists and others spent 30 years working on some brilliant research. The team included eminent individuals, such as: Dr Richard St Barbe Baker OBE, James Sholto-Douglas (led the refertilisation of the Limpopo Valley, Botswana), Lawrence D Hills (founder of Henry Doubleday Research Association - HDRA), Dr Christopher Hills (introduced commercial culturing of algae), John Davies OBE (re-organised the British gas industry), James Grant (climatologist - used trees to induce, or inhibit, rainfall), Dr Patrick Ffiske Howden, and many others. WHAT THEY FOUND: Amazingly, they found a way to solve all these problems in one go. It involves extremely rapid growth of algae in nutrient-rich seawater, to create vast quantities of organic material to reclaim 75% of the world's wastelands. This can reverse the world's carbon footprint and produce a virtually unlimited supply of biofuels, immunising foods, fresh water, and just about everything else that humanity needs. They formed a charity called Green Deserts, which at one time had over a quarter of a million supporters. Two world-wide recessions made people stop giving money. The charity collapsed and all the findings were hurriedly taken into storage, where they remain today. WHAT SHOULD HAPPEN: It would be a tragedy if so much valuable work, concerning such serious problems, conducted by so many experts, over so many years, were lost to humanity. To recall key members of the original team to work for a year to analyse and prepare the material for publication would cost £120,000. This might sound like a lot, but it isn't. Arguably less-important studies, such as our reaction to birdsong, are funded every week, and cost double this. Compare this also with the TENS OF BILLIONS spent on research into nuclear fusion reactors, WITH NOTHING TO SHOW! REQUEST: To provide £120,000 to recall surviving members of the original research team to sort and publish this person-millennium of research into four of the greatest problems facing current and future generations. TO WHOM: The signed petition will be sent to the National Environment Research Council.


FREdome Visionary Trust The aim of FREdome is to replace the negative things we see on the news everyday with the collective goodwill and best ideas of communities - for the sake of ourselves, our children and future generations. So we support a cycle of four activities: 1) Diversity celebration events to get everyone's attention; 2) Community workshops to begin to find out what they want to happen; 3) A website to open up the dialogue as widely as possible; 4) The top ideas put into action in partnership with authorities and business. This is the current top idea.


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