Save Portland Firefighters Park!

Leland Hanson
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Please join me in the protest of the current plan to dismantle and relocate the beautiful architectural fixtures of Portland's Firefighters Memorial Park also known as Campbell Park. Plans for a new Firefighters Memorial on Portland's waterfront call for removal of a plaque, two lanterns and a bell to be incorporated into the design. This would strip the existing memorial and possibly lead to its destruction. For the record, a new memorial on Portland's waterfront is wonderful and long needed. Signing this petition is in no way a vote of no confidence for that project. Signing this petition shows your support in leaving Portland Firefighters Memorial Park as it is and preserving a Portland landmark. Portland Firefighters Park (1927) is a memorial for David Campbell, Fire Chief 1893-1911, and other Portland firefighters who died in the line of duty. The memorial is constructed of Caen stone, a light colored limestone imported from France. It was designed by Paul Cret of Philadelphia with Earnest F. Tucker of Portland. The bronze relief was sculpted by University of Oregon Artist Avard Fairbanks.