Save Our Parks in New York State

Lawrence Decoste
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We the People of NYS Believe that Closing our Parks is Not Fair to NYS and it's Citizens. We the people of NYS use them daily whether in the spring or summer and even winter, You can't simply close the outdoors, Parks are filled with Historic Preservation that should be maintained, leaving Parks in the Dust is not something we should be doing instead we should continue to keep them open for everyones enjoyment without them people will struggle to get out of there homes because parks are there only getaway to relax and Relieve the stress and anxiety that nyers face daily. There needs to be another Solution. The following are signatures of nyers who feel that these parks are precious to them and closing them and cutting funds too them will anger many and some may decide to move elsewhere because of it, I urge all legislators to find other ways of cutting things that we don't need in nys, But we surely need our Parks the wonders of the great outdoors.