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Save UCSC Night Metro Routes

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The Santa Cruz Metro has proposed cutting the 16 and 19 night bus lines starting in Fall 2010. This would mean there would be NO buses servicing campus after midnight, weekdays and weekends.

This is HUGE. Students would be stranded downtown, with no safe way to reach campus or the West side neighborhoods at night. Increased drunk driving after parties, negative effects on those who work late nights downtown...the list of horrific repercussions goes on and on.

We already pay SCMTD in our student fees to get a free bus pass. How many times can they keep cutting essential services like this??

Public hearings start on Tuesday May 25. There are 2 hearings downtown at the Metro Center, one at 2 PM and one at 6 PM. We must mobilize students to come to these hearings!!

The full list of hearings in the county can be found here:

You should also email the SCMTD about how this service reduction will negatively affect you at, and Larry Pageler, director of UCSC Taps, at

Public comment period goes until June 11 so we must act now!!

Read the full descriptions of all service reductions in the county here:



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