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He who commits injustice is ever made more wretched than he who suffers it. This is not a plea for help, nor a request for donation, but a to raise awareness of how variance can lead a human to such behavior. REFER TO PHOTO ON FACEBOOK EVENT (VIOLATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS SAVE LIFE SAVE HOME). You must be thinking now, what has this photo of this house in Kuwait doing with a hanging rope resting off the roof? You may have guessed it is the certitude of an individual's self-execution! The owner of this house has been a victim of larceny. Mr.Hashemi, aged 75 years old first purchased this home for his family in Kuwait shortly after the Gulf War, after having lost his first home during the Gulf war, hoping for a fresh start. Having lived and worked his whole life in Kuwait, and due to Kuwaiti laws (permitting only Kuwaiti ownership) was unable to register the property under his name, not being a Kuwaiti National. Still keen to secure a home for his family, and as reslovement to this obstacle, he purchased the property and registered it under the ownership of a trusted friend Mr.Hassan Haji Qambar. Little was he aware, as years went by; that this family home he built was to taunt him in his old age. Mr.Hassan Qambar being in possession of the legal documents putting him in a righteous and lawful position to take advantage of this and sell the property on without Mr.Hashemi's consent or acknowledgement. On a warm afternoon, Mr.Hashemi receives a knock on his front door with the vendor and new owner of the property demanding vacant possession of the property, and immediate access to the premises. Shocked to the unexpected visit, he enquires about the matter and discovers that his home has in fact been forgelently sold on without his knowledge. This unacceptable act led him to fight for his home in court for over 10 years, but due to the legalities of the State of Kuwait, the court was unable to recognize injustice in the matter and has consequently served notice of eviction to Mr.Hashemi, his elderly wife and son who are currently living in the house, the photo you see is that of his son. Having frustratingly fought this cause with every last breath and penny, it has now come to his son resolving to self-execution, should the family be evicted. When asked by a confused neighbor, 'what are you setting up on your roof?' he replied ' once you feel the fire alight inside of me, and feel the helplessness bound in your hands, than hanging from where I have always belonged may bring peace to my mind in this house of sand and fog'. He cannot bare the thought of witnessing his elderly father and mother being physically thrown out of their own home with no where else to go! This is not an attempt to mock the state of Kuwait and its governing rules and regulations, but merely an attempt to voice out to the world, if any body is listening. The disgust at the level of greed and human behavior of this ungodly conduct will not be left to rest at ease. This act of variance leading individuals such as Mr.Qambar to malevolent behavior sadly resulting in another humans self decided verdict of execution, is not a thought that is easily compiled in any one's compassionate mind. As many of us know, it is one thing not to have a home, but to lose one is even worse! PLEASE SIGN PETITION AND FORWARD TO ALL YOUR CONTACTS INFORMING THE WORLD OF THIS UNJUST ENCOUNTER THAT IS OCCURRING AS WE SPEAK! Your support is appreciated. Thank you. Feel free to contact any of us via phone (+96566724220)

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