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Klute goers all,

The future of your beloved institution is in jeopardy but The Tab has the answer. By signing this petition you pledge £50 towards a potential fund to buy Klute outright. We want to make Klute the club OF students, run BY the students and FOR the students. We want to make Klute, yours. 

We believe that Klute is an essential and unique part of the Durham student experience, providing a space where anyone can shamelessly dance the night away, where the pretentious are shunned and the fun-loving are always welcome. Sign this 'SAVE KLUTE' petition today, pledge £50 and ensure that this legendary Durham institution isn't lost for eternity. That's the price of just ten 'quaddies' to forever more preserve the right of Durham students and their children and their children's children, to down a 'quaddie'. 

If 8,000 Klute lovers sign this petition then we will set up an official page for fundraising.

TabKlute love, 
The Save Klute Campaign 




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Klute Durham - The official website of Klute itself.
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