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No Death Penalty for Jared Loughner!

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   This petition is in concern that Mr. Jared Lee Loughner will receive the death penalty, and we are peaceably protesting against that action. What happened in Tucson is truly a tragedy, and our hearts go out to all the victims and their families, but how does it not punish other innocent people such has Jared's family by sentencing him to death? We beg of you, all of you, PLEASE do not punish Mr. Loughner's loved ones the way the victims' families are being the death of a loved one. We're not disagreeing that what Mr. Loughner did was wrong and should be punished. What we are saying is isn't there enough hate, pain, heartache, bloodshed, resentments, and anger? PLEASE, PLEASE, make a difference and save a life. Save Mr. Loughner's. If he is condemned to the death penalty, what kind of people does that make us, as a nation, for killing a man? Killing one another is never right and is never ever justified. The death penalty is NOT justice. I'm pretty sure you all know that in your heart. What would you do if this was your son? Your brother? Father? Or someone else you love? Mr. Loughner is only 22 and his life is already over because, we believe, due to a psychological illness in which he cannot control. Some of us have had personal experience with people as such, and can honestly say that they don't always know right from wrong and can't always control their actions, even if it may seem as though they can. Again, we beg of you with all our might, please have mercy on Jared and his family. Look into your hearts and please think what you would do if this was someone you love very much that committed theses acts, and could now be sent to death himself. I hope you all take this to heart and really look deep into your souls before you condemn a lost and ill young man to death. Please have mercy on Mr. Jared Loughner's lost soul, as well as his loved ones. Please see to it that he receives the psychological help he needs instead of being pushed away from society, yet again. Please, we beg of you, help beloved lost Jared Loughner. Thank you. I will close with a quote of mine: "Dare to be different..dare to make a difference...SAVE A LIFE!" We thank you for your compassion, mercy and the true justice we believe you will find in your hearts and display towards the Loughners and their beloved only son, Jared. Please choose life, not death.


Keisha Bickel

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