Save California State Highway 174

Sara Christiansen
Sara Christiansen 439 Comments
980 SignaturesGoal: 1,000

We OPPOSE THE CALTRANS PROJECT to widen and straighten 1.9 miles of Highway 174 in Nevada County.

The Caltrans Plan will:

  • CLEAR CUT more than 1700 conifer trees, plus an undisclosed number of oaks and other smaller/deciduous trees!
  • REMOVE all vegetationa minimum of 64 feet! Much more on hillsides!
  • CONFISCATE over 14 acres of homeowner property on either side of the existing roadway!
  • SPEND nearly $28.5 million for less than 2 miles!

We urge Caltrans to STOP THIS PROJECT and EXPLORE SAFETY DESIGNS and ALTERNATIVES that are less expensive and less drastic, rather than irrevocably destroy the scenic beauty of Highway 174.



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