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Save Gwendolyn the Pig

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THANK YOU for coming to this online petition to:
Save Gwendolyn
Here she is, this is Gwendolyn
Something is going on here in Prince George's County, Maryland. In this tree filled community, near a peaceful lake, filled with community oriented, family type neighbors, we have a problem, and need to help save a well loved Resident of this Town in Berwyn Heights, Maryland.  The Resident is a 20 Yr old Pot Bellied Pig Named Gwendolyn.

The County has told Ms. Pat Brown to get rid of her 20-year-old potbelly pig,
Gwendolyn.  This is essentially a death sentence to this animal, since a pig this old cannot be moved from her home. The appeal regarding this case and it is pending with an unknown date for a final decision. A PG official has already stated Pat Brown will not win.
Please help oppose the PG Pigsecution of Gwendolyn!
This 20 yr. old Pot Bellied Pig has only known one family, and the County rules here in Maryland have now been changed so that they want to have Gwendolyn removed from her environment. All of the neighbors are fine with her being there, she has caused no problems and our Town Council has no objections.

Please sign the petition so Gwendolyn has a chance to have the Law Grandfather her in, and she can stay with her loving family!


We need to work on getting a new law passed called "Gwendolyn's Law."
Which can be an updated ammendment for the County and the State of Maryland, and hopefully other states that include people dealing with this issue and other animals that may not be considered traditional or common pets that are not harmful to others and have loving competent owners to care for them.
Please Visit Brown's Facebook Page:
Comment Directly to Prince George's County by Clicking Here

If you do comment to the county, please include this petition link so they are able to see the wonderful support to Gwendolyn and this issue.

This is an important issue. Our support could not only save Gwendolyn, but also create a new Law that could affect thousands of animals all over the country.  We just have to spread the word and show our Law Decision Makers that there IS support and desire for some changes as we begin a new year.  Things have changed over the last 20 Years, and the laws just should keep up with the current needs and views of us as citizens and taxpayers.

Gwen has also made her you Tube Debut.  < Gwen on You Tube >

Thank you so much for all of your suppport & signatures and kind comments to the Facebook Group Page and for passing this along to your friends and other animal lovers.
We hope this will be a foundation for helping other animals like Gwendolyn who just need to be cared for within a new and updated law for 2010, so she/they can stay in their environments and cared for by their loving owners. Please continue to pass this link along to you friends, and ask them to send it to their friends.  Send this Petition Link to outlets you feel may have interest in this issue.   Again Thanks it definitely is appreciated and comforting to know that there are so many out there that want to help.                                                                                                                                                                              
 Gwen and her buddy, chillin on a typical Sunday Afternoon:                                
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pig clipart and flower border are from the microsoft clip art website. 


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Thanks DC Vegan!

Included a support coupon to mail in, they say they will foward them to the county, here is a scanned copy of the print edition form, compliments of Amy who is a Gwen Fan and kindly scanned it for our friends who can't get out to get a copy, you should be able to get and save the picture from this link:


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