Save the Foothill High School Choir Program

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We understand that due to the current state of our economy and the resultant need for significant budget cuts, schools all over the state and the country are finding it necessary to make sacrifices. However, we believe that the Shasta Union High School District Administration and Board of Trustees have made a grave mistake in their decision to eliminate the choir program at Foothill High School.

The Foothill Choir Program has a profound positive impact on the students who choose to participate each year. Rebecca Jenkins pours her heart and soul into her directorship, doing everything she can to support her students and ensure that each one feels as though their hard work and contributions are acknowledged and appreciated. Mrs. Jenkins sees the full potential in each student, and strives to help each one reach that potential, regardless of his or her skill level upon entering the program. She desires a rich, fulfilling experience for every boy and girl, and supports them in whatever way she can to see that they reach their personal goals and walk out at the end of the year with the ability to be proud of what they have accomplished.

Rebecca Jenkins approaches her work each day with wisdom, passion, enthusiasm, and joy, and she desires nothing more than to share her love of music and singing with her students in hopes that they will learn to love it too. She believes in her students, and gives them something to be proud of, a set of experiences they can take away with them and cherish for years to come.

The loss of Mrs. Jenkins and of the choir program would be a huge detriment to Foothill High School, and we, the undersigned, urge the Board to reconsider its decision. We understand the necessity of budget cuts, but we wholeheartedly oppose denying Foothill students the opportunity to learn and grow in the safe, supportive environment that Mrs. Jenkins offers them. Please take these thoughts into consideration. We urge you to reverse this decision.

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