支持「救救地球 • 停用抹手紙」,為下一代保留更多珍貴資源

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獅子山青年商會社會發展旗艦工作計劃–義不容「遲」自1999年以來已踏入第十七屆。今年,義不容「遲」2016的主題是「環保城市 • 綠色生活 • 停止使用抹手紙」,現時因過度斬伐樹木及二氧化碳排放的問題導致全球暖化日趨嚴重,故是次目的是希望大眾正視抹手紙用量問題及向大眾推廣「停止使用抹手 紙」行動,鼓勵他們減少使用抹手紙,並提出使用抹手紙以外的替代方案,例如自攜手巾、使用乾手機等。


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JCI Hong Kong Lion Rock

Get In Gear, Volunteers (GIGV) is the flagship Community Development project of Junior Chamber International Lion Rock, which was conducted since 1999. The theme of GIGV 2016 is “Green City • Green Life • Stop Using Paper Towels!”. We set this theme because the issue of Global Climate Change has become more critical than ever due to the extensive deforestation and a large amount of carbon dioxide emission from industrial production for using paper materials. Thus, the goal of GIGV project this year is to enhance the public to protect the environment by reducing wastage like not using paper towels as well as replacing by hand drier and handkerchief.

We hope to collect at least 10,000 petition signed for encouraging more different sectors of the public and organizations to participate in this meaningful event.

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