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To all viewers who watch Disney Channel India in India or other countries which have Disney Channel India,

If you may know already DC India has become worse by showing Doraemon since 2011. They also cancelled all DC Original shows, except Phineas and Ferb. They also made Indian versions of their live action shows, like the Suite Life of Karan and Kabir and Best of Luck Nikki. Now, think about it, why are they making local versions of the American shows that other viewers get all around the world? Also they announced new Fish Hooks episodes in Jan 2012, after a few months they got rid of it. Now there's only Phineas and Ferb, Doraemon and the Indian versions of the American versions. Now please email Disney these questions:

1. Do they know they show Doraemon all day?

2. Do they know the logo is shaped like Mickey Mouse ears and Doraemon is a non Disney show? (It's made by TV Asahi)

3. Do they even bother to make an English translation of Doraemon and other Indian shows? They should know English is widely used.

4. Do they even know that they are adding useless things? For example, recently during ads they put a WE WILL BE RIGHT BACK counter which sometimes screws up. Where the Now, Next and Later thing gone?

5. Do they know their website is outdated? Their TV Guide does not work!

I may have more questions you can email Disney but please email Disney (or Disney UTV?) and ask them why are they doing this and sign this petition and bring back the American shows.

Thank you for reading this and sorry it was so long.


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