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This is a very important petition! Cartoon Network today is now REALLY downhill because those arrogant and greedy Cartoon Network officals are ruining the good name and purpose of Cartoon Network!!!!! Ever since 2006, they started to ruin Cartoon Network with these issues they caused! Everything I will say is 100% true!!!!! (1) Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi was going to be a big hit and continue with new episodes, BUT some MORON at Cartoon Network wanted to change everything by CANCELLING that show for NO REASON and that is UNFAIR!!!!! Even Renegade Animation loved that show and wanted to continue it! They even once decommisioned Sam Register, the creator of the show and vice-president of CN, but then hired him back. (those are the rumors I heard, correct me if I'm wrong) (2) They took off the good block of Cartoon Cartoon Fridays and replaced it with a crappy FRIED DYNAMITE! That dosen't make sense at all! Now there is no block for fridays on that channel anymore! That is unfair also! (3) They got rid of Toonami in 2008 and NEVER BROUGHT IT BACK like they used to some years ago! UNFAIR! (4) They putted up crappy pointless cartoons that was produced by CN! Flapjack- To annoying! Terrible answer to Spongebob!!!!! Chowder- Annoying and humors are gross! (farts, etc.) (5) They putted up Reality shows!!!!! HELLO!!!!! It's CARTOON Network for CARTOONS! Not Live Action Network! Reality shows are RIPOFFS and Pointless! Bobb'e Says- Ripoff of America's Funniest Home Videos Dude what would happen- Ripoff of MythBusters Destroy Build Destroy- Ripoff of Junkyard wars The Othersiders- Ripoff of Ghost hunters Surivive this- Ripoff of Survivors! BrainRush- VERY Unrealistic and unordinary! UnNatural History- VERY POINTLESS!!!!!!! Out of Jimmy's Head- The Gopher characters are ripoffs of good classic Mickey and Minnie Mouse!!!!!! How DARE THEY?! I bet Renegade Animation didn't want to make Re-Animated movie too! I bet they loved Puffy AmiYumi the most! (6) They airing to many shows that aren't even produced by Cartoon Network and unannounced! CN really needs to get off their @$$es and get back to creating cartoons, GOOD Cartoons!!!! Not being Copycats!!!!!!! (7) CN bumpers are horrible and don't make sense! (8) Craig McCracken quits because CN sucks! He made a right choice though. There are more stupid upcoming shows that will make CN worse! Regular Show- That title sounds lousy and the cartoon looks very pointless! Sym-Bionic Titan- I believe a ripoff of some original robot righting shows. Mad- Contains Inappropriate stuff! Not even for kids to see! It's not adult swim!!!!! Another reality show coming this fall! Tower Prep- PLEASE STOP MAKING REALITY SHOWS!!!!! IT's CARTOON NETWORK!!!!!! Hole in the wall- CN dosen't NEED that show! We already seen it!!!!! PLEASE Help save Cartoon Network by signing this petition. PLEASE!!!!!!! Message to CN officals and CN president: We've had enough of your CRAP Cartoon Network officals! You're ruining the name of Cartoon Network by taking away good cartoons, putting up crappy cartoons, putting up reality shows and converting cartoons into live action movies! CN is supposed to be "BEST PLACE FOR CARTOONS!" (your old slogan!) WE HAD ENOUGH OF YOUR ARROGANCE!!!!!!!!!! All you care about is yourselves and MONEY!!!!! Life isn't about Money you KNOW!!!!!! Here is our DEMANDS that YOU GET BACK TO YOUR BASICS or you will SUCK FOREVER!!!!! - Bring back Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi and produce new episodes and continue the series! - Bring back the Cartoon Cartoon Fridays block in a great version! I guarantee it is the best for your channel and KEEP IT RUNNING!! - Bring back Toonami and make it better!!!!! There is no reason to shut it down!!!! It's good for your channel too and KEEP THAT RUNNING TOO! - Get rid of crappy, pointless cartoons and make GOOD cartoons, and reality shows! It's supposed to be CARTOON Network, for CARTOONS!!!!!!!!!!! -DO NOT produce crappy pointless cartoons with copycat stuff and stupid humors and ABSOLUTLY CEASE production of Reality shows! I'm saying 1 more time, IT'S CARTOON NETWORK FOR CARTOONS! - Bring back good modern cartoons that make CN a big hit! Samurai Jack Foster's Home For Imaginary friends Teen Titans Good Superhero cartoons Powerpuff Girls Johnny Bravo and good other modern cartoons! -Get back into making cartoons, GOOD CARTOONS!!!! No stupid humors like fart jokes, gross humors etc. -Have a current Cartoon Network President and other officals to step down because they are screwing CN up! -Make Sam Register NEW Cartoon Network President because Sam Register is the only CN person who knows what he is doing and a genius of creating a GOOD cartoon of Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi and knowing what Cartoons are all about and knows what's best for CN! Here is your Choice! Either you meet our demands and get back to your basics or you will SUCK FOREVER and you will get CANCELLED!!!!! That is your CHOICE!!!!!! You better listen because WERE NOT KIDDING AROUND!!!!! You should be ashamed for staining the name of Cartoon Network for your arrogance! That is ALL! We will NOT watch your channel unless you turn yourselves around!!!!!!! PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION TO SAVE CARTOON NETWORK!

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