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To our loyal friends and family: Betsey Johnson's Nashville store at the Green Hills Mall will be closing its doors on November 30th. As you can imagine, our staff (the heart and soul of this store) is devastated! In what we hope will draw attention to our plight and convince the higher-ups to keep Betsey Johnson in Nashville, we are going to rally! WE NEED YOUR HELP! If you've ever gotten a thrill from wearing our fabulous clothing; if you've ever been complimented a million times on your favorite Betsey necklace; if you've worn us to your high school formal; if your daughter, girlfriend, or sister could not stop talking about what an amazing time they had shopping in our store, LET US KNOW! In addition to signing this petition, we want to hear your Betsey Johnson Nashville stories and we want to share them with the people that can keep Betsey Johnson in Nashville! Please email us (include every single sweet, glittery, pink detail!) and tell us about the time you've spent with our amazing staff! We love you all. Thank you in advance for your efforts. We are still going strong and we do it for you! EMAIL: SUBJECT: Keep Betsey Johnson in Nashville!


Please post your stories, pictures, videos, and ANYTHING about how much you love our Nashville store on our facebook page!!/pages/Save-Betsey-Johnson-Nashville/156812261026593




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