Save Baby Joey

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A judge just ordered that Joey be handed over to a man he has never seen and does not know for weekend visitation! Did we mention this man has a criminal record, a drinking problem, and has had numerous affairs. This person lacks in morals, respect and self control. A judge gave this man weekend visitation! And the supervision for the so called supervised visitation is that mans wife! If that wife was willing to accept overlook and excuse his cheating, criminal doings and drinking, what wont she over look! What happens when she is at work? Who is to say she herself wont hurt the baby? THE BABY IS THE PRODUCT OF AN AFFAIR! Hello! What is this judge thinking!? He is not thinking, in fact we believe that he did not hear anything presented and went with the standard ruling! This case is anything but standard! The mother and step father, the only father the baby has ever known, both feel that the judge should be looking out for the baby's best interest not the mans. They want the judge to see how this man being in the babys life will be destructive to the child. At the very least it should have been supervised visitation on an hour basis and supervised by a neutral party! Sole custody should be granted and that baby should get the start in life it deserves! If you agree please sign our petition in hopes that the judge may reconsider. thank you.




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