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Help to save the grave of our National Hero

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Dear citizens of India (irrespective of religion, caste, colour creed) A brief note on Prithvi Raj Chauhan: Prithviraj Chauhan was the last Hindu king to sit upon the throne of Delhi. It was a known fact that Prithviraj was called as a tiger of Delhi. Delhi continued to be under the control of muslim rulers untill the British period. kuch jante he nahi prithvi raj chauhan k liye har dharam ek jaisa tha sirf vo he pehla raja tha jisne apne state ajmer mein ek muslim dargaah banane ki ijaajat di the aur aisa bhai kaha milega k jisne apni behan (sister) k kehne par delhi mein ek aisa sheesha (mirror) banwaya tha jis se ki delhi se aagra ka taj mehal nazar aata tha. aisi dosti kahi nahi milegi jo har pal apne doston ke liye jaan dene ko bhe tyar rahe, aisa raja kaha milega jisne apni jaan ki parwaah kiye bina bhe khajana dhund kar laaya tha jise usne sampurn bharat warsh mein gareebon ko diya tha khud k liye kuch bhe na rakha.aisa youdha kaha milega ki jisne 13 saal ki umar mein vo vidhya sikhi jise aaj tak maharbhart k arjun k siva koi nahi jaan paya shabad bhedi baan.aisa pyar karne wala kaha milega jisne apne pyar ki khatir itna kuch kiya.aisi aur bhe kai baatein hai kuch ek cheej to unke jaisi kar sako. Dhanye hai vo veer yodha jisne apni tamam umar dusron ke liye jee.JAI JAI PRITHVI RAJ CHAUHAN. Prithvi Raj rather sought his death himself than being killed by Ghori's army. Such was the life of this great warrior and saviour of his subjects. Even today Afghans vent their anger on Prithviraj's Grave by stabbing on it through a rope & then pay accolades to their defeated king Ghori. It's a pity that the Indian Government who is engaged in the construction work of a war ravaged country has no time to pay honour or renovate the grave of a Valiant King.Our honourable Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Rahul Gandhi had time to visit Babur's grave and pay homage (if I may add, to please a section of society) and not to our very own Indian. It is not a matter of which caste he belonged to but what he did and who he was. However he was for real and died and lived in way which is worth saving his grave of malicious people. Some part of Indian tax payer's income goes into the resurrection of Afghanistan and we have the moral right to question the dilapidated state of the grave. People who beat up the grave should come and see Humayun's tomb in India a contrast in the treatment meted out and maintenance. Those people who challenge this story or say it is wrong, I have some news for them. In the year 2005 and 2006, some historians from India visited Afghanistan and brought about some shocking news. When they reached one spot in Ghazni they saw that all the locals were jumping, kicking and spitting on a grave, infact to see that grave one had to jump on it from the top, in such a manner that you fall directly on the gave disgracing it, not just that a few meters ahead was another tomb were the people were offering flowers and worshiping it. The Indian did not understand what was going on and asked an explanation, but the Afghans were reluctant to tell anything as they knew that he was Indian, but when he forced them, they told him that, The grave they were spitting and kicking, is the gave of Prithviraj Chauhan an India king from Delhi . They were spitting on the grave because they were angry with him as he killed Afghan's King Mohammad Ghori 900 years ago . . The inscription on Prithviraj chauhan tomb reads: "Here lies the Kafer king of Delhi The historians were shocked at this. Friends can you believe that our beloved hero Prithviraj Chauhan who gave his life to protect our country, his grave is in Ghazni and is disrespected till today. These are not the only people to have witnessed a thing like this , there was another team form India who visited the same site in Afghanistan and confirmed the news. We must all do something about it. If we all get together we can bring pressure on the government to bring back the grave of our national hero. How can we Indians tolerate this? Somehow the Present Government of India is not interested in bringing back Prithviraj Chauhan grave , they don't consider it to be important & this news is not been given the required publicity. Lets not forget that when another great King of India Shivaji Maharaj had killed Abzalkhan (a moughal), he respected his remains and even built a memorial in his fort to honor his dead body. Even Prithviraj use to honor the enemies remains. Indian Kings like Prithviraj Chauhan, Shivaji Maharaj, Rana Pratab were benevolent & noble in thoughts and action. Friends if we want we can easily spread this information, say by telling our friends, cousins etc and so on . They in turn can do the same. In no time we will be a huge group, and can do something constructive about it. The petition can initially start online, and than we can come together in the respective city we are living in, just like the reservation opposition by doctors. We will try our best to bring back the remains of our national hero, and be successful in our endeavor. We request our fellow citizens to pass this mail forth to each and everyone and request Indian Govt to take up this issue forth with the Govt of Afghanistan. Either the remains should come back or treated with respect. I hope and expect every Indian will take sometime off his/her valuable time to pass this on and put this little (even if it is like a drop in the ocean) effort to save the grave of our martyr. please forward this mail to ur friends.




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