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SUCCESS! A four-hour Farscape miniseries is currently in the works! Filming starts in December! See for more details. Original message follows: This petition is to show the number of people who watched and loved the television show \"Farscape\" which until recently aired on the SciFi Channel (property of USA Networks). It is my hope that this display of audience will encourage SciFi to pick up the show for its fifth season and hopefully beyond. To all who have worked on this program, we send our love and best wishes. Thanks for a great four years. PS: Please note, fellow Scapers, that there is more to be done than simply adding your name to this petition. Letters, telephone calls, faxes, spreading the word, demonstrations, are all viable ways of getting USA Networks\' attention. One physical piece of snail mail is valued at about 1000 viewers to these people. They can\'t ignore it, delete it, or refuse to look at it. Please, please, seek out other mediums with which you can voice your disappointment. PPS: This petition has been mentioned and/or linked to by CNN Headline News (3 times), TeleText UK TV, Cinescape Online, Ain\'t It Cool News, and many others. This is positive attention: a good sign. Our voices are being heard worldwide. Let\'s keep it up. PPPS: The tally of signatures is only viewable by the petition creator on You can find the total constantly updated on, #farscape, where a 24/7 battle for Farscape\'s return has been waging since the news was broken to us there by Ben Browder, David Kemper, and Richard Manning. PPPPS: I\'d like to thank Dan (One) for covering for me in the #farscape channel, updating the tally for the hundreds of inquiring souls when I was preoccupied with attending college classes. Update: The Save Farscape Petition is now the first link in the Featured Petitions section of\'s homepage. Thanks,! PPPPS: The Save Farscape Petition has been referred to in October 8th\'s FoxTrot! Find the strip at or click the link along the right side of this page. PPPP*annoyed grunt*PS: Unfortunately, UComics no longer keeps old strips more than a few days, and the link that previously brought you to the 10/8/02 FoxTrot no longer does. However, Bill Amend (auhtor of FoxTrot) discusses the Farscape plight here:


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Information On The Farscape Miniseries: Chicago Tribune Article Snippet Corporate Sponsor Announcement Congratulations Scapers - You did it! -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Some Places The Save Farscape Petition Has Been Mentioned: FoxTrot (Working link, complete with Farscape reference!) Bill Amend\'s Homepage FoxTrot (Comic Removed From UComic\'s Free Archives) CNN Headline News (scroll down to the red \"CNN Headline News\" links) TeleText UK TV (Channel 4, Page 118) (Transcribed) Cinescape Online E! Online News (copy entire address and paste in browser),1,10513,00.htmleol.tkr Ain\'t It Cool News Low Red Moon Journal The Slime Pit TrekWeb Guiding Star Farscape Weekly - The Big Push (Contact Information Central) Scapers Sanctuary Farscape News Save Farscape Farscape World Farscape DarkScape KarlsWeb RevolutionSF Link Hub for SOS Farscape Sites (These Sites Also Have More Information On What You Can Do) -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Current Tally: 45,365 Signatures (Manually Updated as of 2/24/04 17:05 EST) -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- In The First 24 Hours: 6,500 Signatures -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- In The First 44 Hours: 10,000 Signatures -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- In The First 49 Hours: 11,000 Signatures -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- In The First 72 Hours: 16,500 Signatures -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- In The First 94 Hours: 20,000 Signatures -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- In The First 123 Hours: 25,000 Signatures -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- In The First 144 Hours: 30,000 Signatures -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Fake/Duplicated Signatures Are Filtered Out Of The Tally -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Visit To Learn More -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Chat Live At #farscape On -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Other Petitions: Move Farscape Timeslot Petition We Want A Fifth Season Of Farscape Petition FARSCAPE - Reconsider Cancellation Petition Frell No - We Won\'t Let It Go! Save Farscape Petition Fund The 5th Season Of Farscape Petition -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-


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