Save Windows Live Messenger

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Hi, earlier this year (2013) Microsoft merged their Windows Live Messenger (MSN) chat network with the online video messaging software Skype, and disabled the WLM software from accessing the Microsoft servers (except for China).

 The part of Skype where you can login in to the Messenger network using your Hotmail/Outlook email or an old .net passport account isnt as polished/functional/good/fun/smooth/easy-to-use/practical as the Messenger software was. Even the lack of a one button connection to the linked Microsoft email account is annoying.

 While there is software out there (Messenger Reviver 2) to re-enable WLM and earlier versions (Windows Messenger) to access the Microsoft server, it is rumoured that the WLM/MSN servers will be turned off in March of 2014.

 Please help us to keep Messenger alive, to seperate it from Skype and regain its identity.





  • 4 years ago
    Chris Australia
    4 years ago