SAVE WHITBURN RANGES-Protect the Greenbelt in South Tyneside

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Petition: WHITBURN RANGES We the undersigned call upon SOUTH TYNESIDE COUNCIL to hold an open door public consultation in relation to the planning application to build 42 houses on the former army camp and adjacent greenbelt land, which was  submitted on 13/08/2013.The camp and the ranges are a heritage site of archeological and environmental importance which has been recognized by SOUTH TYNESIDE COUNCIL within its Local Development Framework (LDF). We also wish to point out that a council document  based upon an Independent Examination into South Tyneside’s LDF Development Management Policies produced in 2011 confirmed that that the site was a significant local heritage asset and required protection.“the inclusion of Whitburn Rifle Ranges in the listing of the most important known archaeological sites in the borough is fully supported and justified”(Policy DM6 Ministry of Defence. Prepared by South Tyneside Council 6 June 2011)The future of the site needs to be properly discussed with input from the local community and relevant historical, archeological and environmental agencies such as the National Trust and the RSPB. “Luxury housing” should not be the only option considered and the current planning application should be suspended.




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