Save Vanguard Petition

Mike Silva
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Save Vanguard!

The members of the Halfling Explorer Group or The HEG, are saddened to see the end of the wonderful world of Telon, and want to start upon a long quest to save our precious lands.

We may be small, as many halflings are, but we believe that we can do great things. We have fought many a large creature and are not afraid to battle something this large.

So the members of The HEG invite you to take up the same battle, and to shout at the top of your lungs our new battle cry, "Save Vanguard," as we charge into battle.

The Petition

We are asking SOE to please allow us to keep Vanguard running. We don't mind if you just park it and leave it on auto pilot. We are even okay with no new content. We just want to have a home to come to and enjoy.

So we ask, and maybe even beg a little, for you to allow us to play for many years to come. We realize this may come at a loss financially, but it will will also be a big gain for SOE, as your customers see how honoring and caring you can be.

Thank you SOE for the years you have given us, and I just ask that you give this petition some serious consideration before you say no.

Thank You,
Mortylis of The HEG