Save the Worlds oldest tattoo shop

Frank Rosenkilde
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8,362 Signatures Goal: 1,000

Nyhavn 17 in Copenhagen is the Worlds oldest tattoo studio. This piece of history is to be closed down! The owners of the building have ended the lease as they want to use the premises as a kitchen for their outdoor restaurant. Disgraceful to destroy this cultural and important place of tattoo history!
The owner of the building also tried to throw out both legendary artist Ole Hansen in the eighties and later on Tattoo Bimbo / Jørgen Thorstein, and now it's the owner Majbritt Petersens turn to "fight" them.
The case is going to court on the 14th September. Please help support the fight by signing this petition which is gonna be used in court as defend of our trade and history to join here. Thanks! Frank Rosenkilde and Majbritt Petersen.

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