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Save The Wolves

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Everyday more and more wolves are getting killed by people who like to hunt. It's not good wolves are living things to they deserve to live so let them. Sign this petition and help save wolves. Wolves are realated to the jackel and the domestic dog. All wolves are characterized by powerful teeth, bushy tails, and round pupils. Two species of wolves are recognized: the gray, or timber, wolf, once widely distributed in North Amreica, Europe, and Asia: and the red wolf, which now occurs only in Texas and the Southeastern United States. In the spring, females have litters of one to eleven pups. Parents and young constitute a basic pack, which establishes and defends a territory marked by urine and feces. Visual and scent signals are also important in communication. Under the endangered species act, the gray wolf is listed as threatened species in Minnesota and as an endangered species elsewhere in the United States outside of Alaska. Wolves are valuable predators in the food web, and their decimation has led to overpopulation of certain other animal species in various areas. When ten breeding pairs despite protest from ranchers and some biologists. The gray or timber, wolf is classified as Canis Lupus. The red wolf is classified as Canis Rufus. The gray wolf is one of approximately 38 species belonging to the family Canidae, which includes the coyote, jackal, fox, and dog. There were once at least thirty different subspecies of wolves. Most have become extinct. About five subspecies survive today. So these might be some reasons you want to save wolves. Wolves are beautiful creatures everyone should love wolves. So let them survive and join me today and let wolves live before they become extinct.

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