Save the Union Turnpike Barnes & Noble!

Michal Schick
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According to an article in the Queens Courier, the popular Barnes & Noble on Union Turnpike will be shut down at the end of the year.

We can't let this happen!

The Barnes & Noble of Fresh Meadows has been a beloved and easy-to-reach location of Queens readers for ten years. Closer than the company's Bayside location, and more convenient than the crowded streets of Forest Hills, the store caters to everyone from young neighborhood families, to students at St. John's University, to the poets and writers attending the wonderful local workshops.

This store is an integral and meaningful part of Fresh Meadows and Kew Gardens Hills. We, the undersigned book-lovers of Queens, strongly urge the Barnes & Noble management and property owners to work out a lease of this store, and preserve an integral element of our community.



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