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Save the Road to Survival

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After 100's (if not thousands) of unanswered complaints, we are here to demand an end to the greed of Scopely that is swiftly killing The Walking Dead: Road to Survival. This is a great game, with excellent potential, that is being destroyed by outrageous prices and "odds". We understand that in-game purchases support the developers of free games, and do not begrudge them making money on the product they've created. However, the prices are beyond ludicrous. No one should spend hundreds of dollars only to end up with nothing but duplicate low level characters. Offering upgrade items for the few high level characters, that are only available if you spend over a hundred dollars for a slim "chance" of obtaining them, is extremely unethical. While there are supposed to be ways to earn in-game currency, most of them do not work for the majority of players, even after months of support requests. We would love to see this game grow and expand, as well as the developers be rewarded for their hard work, however:

1 - The cost of purchasing all items in the game needs to be reduced. The coin cost of all items are highly over-valued. Approximate cost of $4 per character is shockingly excessive, this is just one example.

2- The 'odds' system needs to be adjusted. This should be adjusted to guarantee something with so many opens, and take out the risk of receiving multiple low level duplicates. Offering a chance for a high level character with 30 opens is asking hard working people to fork over more than $100, most the time for absolutely nothing. This includes the odds on bags and crates that are necessary to upgrade characters.

3. The offers and videos to earn coins need to be fixed. While most of us do not mind spending money occasionally, it should not be necessary to play and enjoy the game.

If these are not fixed, quickly, It WILL cause a mass uninstall of the game. All signatories of this petition will leave reviews highlighting these issues, request refunds of all purchases, as well as filing complaints with our respective app suppliers and the BBB.

Please do justice to this game and the franchise by making it fair-to-play.

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