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Save the Prairie Dogs

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Your company Tyson Foods is a very successful company that is renowned for its chicken products, so why not focus on expanding the production of chicken products and cut down on the production of cow other livestock products.

By doing so, you would be using tremendously less amounts of resources to feed chickens, compared to feeding cows and other livestock who require substantially higher amounts of food in order to be raised. You would also be using significantly less land to raise chickens compared to having to buy acres upon acres of land to have cows and other livestock graze. On top of that, the amount of fossil fuel energy required to create 1 calorie of chicken is only 5.6 calories, while the amount of fossil fuel energy required to create 1 calorie of beef is 40 calories. Not only would you be saving energy and resources, generating more money, lowering costs and expenses, but you will also be preserving the habitats of many endangered species that otherwise would have been destroyed and used for livestock grazing.

Among these animals is the Prairie Dog. The Prairie Dog is a severely endangered animal that has already lost 90% of its home land due to habitat destruction and livestock grazing. This has resulted in tremendous plummets in their populations. It is necessary that we protect their populations because Prairie Dogs are a vital keystone species that creates homes for 150 different species, thus Prairie Dogs are fundamental to their survival as well.

By focusing on producing chicken meat rather than cow meat, you are not only preventing extinction of the Prairie Dogs and 150 other species, but you are also providing food for various predators of the Prairie Dogs, providing shelter for various animals that rely on the Prairie Dogs, and even promoting the growth of plants that rely on the Prairie Dogs’ digging that makes soil more fertile and allows for seeds to germinate. These are the important things Prairie Dogs do that allows the environment to thrive survive.

You will be saving the environment and decrease your costs and expenses drastically, You will also be able to save money, energy, and resources. Thus, this will give Tyson Foods more profit, allowing your company to remain as the world’s most successful meat company and allow to keep their large take in the market share of the meat industry.

Thank you for your time.

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