Save the Mt. Lebanon Rifle Range

Ali Rovers
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I am a freshman at Mt. Lebanon High School in Pennsylvania and I just made the varsity rifle team here. The range has been around for 80 years and the school board is thinking of cutting the range out I our renovation projects while taking the money that could be used for the range an building 5 weight lifting rooms for the football players and 3 gyms for the basketball team. We have never had a single injury here and contrary to the beliefs of many people at my school, the team is not just about shooting guns. It's about learning respect for firearms and being comfortable with them. The team is truly a family and I would go to the ends of the earth to defend that. It is the oldest team in our school and it would really ruin the sanctity of not only the team but also the rest of the school and it would be a damn shame to lose something so valuable to us. Thank you.




  • 3 years ago
    Ali Rovers
    3 years ago