Save the DONUTS... Let them live! Marymount Undergraduate Admissions

John Doe
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Almost every day... I get an email from one of the Marymount Undergraduate employees... Stating... They brought donuts and they are in the back... The first thing that always comes to mind is, "Yum, I absolutely <3 donuts!". Well... I start thinking about, "What if I was a donut?". I know this sounds funny but... Donuts have feelings too. On average, a person eats 63 donuts per year. What if you were one of those donuts? What if one of your friends was one of those donuts that was eaten?

We need to be more conscientious of donuts and their feelings. I feel so unnerved by the lack of awareness from our department... That I am starting a petition. SAVE THE DONUTS... Let them live!



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