Save The Delaware River System

Sam Batschelet
Sam Batschelet 400 Comments
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Low reservoir releases and extremely low river flows combined with sustained high air temperatures are leading to water temperatures that are now problematic in the Upper Delaware Rivers.

This has essentially shut down most river related economic activity, and is hurting our area badly at the beginning of the summer season.

Please sign this petition to request an immediate water release that will protect the cold water ecosystem of the Upper Delaware Rivers.

Also please take a few minutes and contact the people below and let them know your feelings on the situation.

Paul Rush (NYCDEP)

Thom Murphy (NYCDEP)
ph: 914-742-2006

Mark Klotz (NYSDEC)

Fred Hensen (NYSDEC)
ph: 518-402-8901

Mark Hartle (PAFBC)
ph: 814-359-5133

Kelly Heffner (PADEP)
ph: (717) 783-2300

Hoss Liaghat (PADEP)
ph: (717) 783-2300

Dan Kennedy (NJDEP)
ph: 609-292-4543

David Wunsch (UDEL)
ph: 302-831-8258



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