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Petition to AKC American Kennel Club against its Parent Club CCAA - Cane Corso Association of America.

We ask all those concerned with the recent animal abuse videos to join this petition asking the AKC to take a profoundly serious look at the Cane Corso Association of America or CCAA. The CCAA is the AKC parent club for the Cane Corso and represents the Cane Corso breed in the AKC.

We have all seen and have been horrified by the recent animal abuse videos seen on social media and national news networks. Just as horrifying is that the owner of the training facility was not only a Cane Corso breeder and trainer but also holds multiple positions as an AKC parent club committee member for the National breed club, the "Cane Corso Association of America or CCAA". (View publication) Additionally, this person was featured in CCAA club articles and the recipient of CCAA club awards as an outstanding representative of the Cane Corso Community.

For those that may or may not know, the CCAA has had a long and troubled history over the last 12 years since the Cane Corso became recognized in AKC. A history filled with so much turmoil that this club has had 2 lawsuits filed against it in the last 6 years. One lawsuit is still ongoing. Both lawsuits have been for blatant corruption including knowingly and willfully violating the club's constitution and by-laws, violating Florida nonprofit corporation law and AKC procedures and protocols.

These acts contain but are not limited to:


  • Manipulating the makeup of the membership for voting control purposes.
  • Mass denial of new member applicants without just cause. (Refer to Membership Section 1, (a))
  • Not providing the membership list to other Board of Directors (BOD) who request it.
  • Revoking a membership after the member was nominated to run for a BOD position.
  • Election tampering by certain Board of Directions with access to the detailed club membership list by using it to solicit votes for and against certain members running for Board of Director positions.
  • Sharing of the official membership lists with friends and associates running in elections.
  • Using the membership list to send out anonymous and defaming emails against others running in elections.
  • Forming a "policy" to govern Board of Directors regarding ethics. Installing a Board of directors only Code of conduct. The by-laws do not have a code of conduct as a requirement to hold office.
  • Voting motions regarding official club business in many cases are conducted electronically. Official outcomes are not reported in the monthly meetings or minutes. Votes for discussion electronically are denied or not recorded properly in the minutes.


  • Using the club’s grievance process to suspend and remove fellow members who speak out against the corruption.
  • Use of the grievance process to suspend and remove members who attempt to run in an election for a Board of Directors position.
  • Certain directors having correspondence with the AKC on important and sensitive manners and misrepresenting that correspondence as official and refusing to share that correspondence with other Board of Director members.


  • Breed standard revisions proposed by a committee that repeatedly denied participation to longtime knowledgeable breed experts.
  • Creating breed education materials to favor ranking officials’ dogs which are bias and even contradictory to the breed standard.
  • Removal of longtime and knowledgeable breed mentors without cause or notice.
  • Changing of point systems for annual awards after that year had begun.


  • Poor use of digital platforms to disseminate education with broken links.
  • Lack of Privacy Policies, Security, Social Media Policies, Terms and Conditions protecting visitors & commerce transactions.
  • Personal emails used to conduct Board related discussions
  • (Section 2, (g)) - Objectives of the Club is to Educate Cane Corso owners, with over 50 + individuals making make both the board and committees, where is the educations being conducted to help shape the massive influx of growth of this Breed standard?
  • Creating social media groups misrepresenting official club materials obtained and shared without permission to defame others they are running against in elections.


  • Board of Directors Treasury is driven by memberships money, if memberships are not accepted the revenue is diminished over the years. As a result, reduction of education exists there is limited benefits to Members or the Cane Corso Community at large.
  • A Financial Third-Party Audit may be needed to investigate the annual budget breakdown to determine proper spend.
  • Members interests should be the forefront to enhance the Cane Corso community at large. Whereas budgetary monies spent of parliamentarian opinions, board of directors’ travel expenses and legal counsel provides limited to no value to the Members/Non-Members in the community. As a result, based on the non-committal club’s objectives, those that serve the BOD and/or committees seem to be the ones that benefit the most.


  • Where is the Task Force to fight against back yard Breeding and the increasing population growth of the Shelters / Rescues?
  • 30+ Breeders listed on CCAA deemed to follow "Best of Breed Standards many who serve as a Board of Committee Member. It seems like there are some well known Breeders missing representing US Based Breeders?
  • Find A Certified Trainer? NO APPROVED TRAINERS listed on the website

There is more, but this should give enough insight into the magnitude of the problems with this AKC parent club for the Cane Corso breed.

Many complaints have been filled with the AKC over the years about the clubs ongoing corruption prior to this most recent episode. Recently the AKC based on a prior petition stepped in and placed a hold on any breed standard and by-law changes attempting to be made by the CCAA until the outcome of the pending lawsuit. Although we are very thankful for the AKC doing this we hope they will do more.


  • We ask that the AKC perform an official and thorough inspection of the inner workings of the CCAA. Much like they do a kennel inspection.
  • We ask you to join this petition to unite collectively to help preserve the Cane Corso Breed as your input makes a difference for their future!

There are many people including former Board of Directors who would be more than willing to share information they have with the AKC pertaining to such an inspection.


Please add your name to this petition if you would like the AKC to do a formal and in-depth inspection of the AKC parent club the Cane Corso Association of America.

( *PLEASE NOTE - we are NOT asking for donations. Just your signature! Thank you in advance! Any donations are for this NOT for the Cane Corso cause! )

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