SAVE SUNNYSIDE - Stop the Demolition of a Historic and Architecturally Important Chester NJ House

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Please sign and share this petition to help save Sunnyside. James Topping, the renowned cabinet maker, built Sunnyside in 1873 for his widowed daughter-in-law and grandchild, Leila. Sunnyside is the companion house to what would later become Larison’s Turkey Farm Inn, a Chester landmark. Bolstered by the revenue from two nearby mines and Topping’s craftsmanship, Sunnyside would become the “handsomest house” in Chester NJ at the turn of the century.

Help the Chester Historical Society Board stop the demolition of Sunnyside. Help us convince the Chester Borough Land Use Board and Governing Body to reject the application to demolish Sunnyside. It should not be demolished, but conserved and adaptively reused as many other Chester Main Street historic homes have been, to offices, restaurants, and shops. Under all four considerations of the Chester Borough historic preservation architectural review process, Sunnyside qualifies for preservation. Furthermore Sunnyside needs to be repaired and repurposed.

The complete story of Sunnyside is available on the Chester Historical Society’s website at

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