Save Sue Skinner!

Kara Critchlow
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Sue Skinner is one of the best educators Ivy Tech has to offer and we're about to lose her. The decision makers at Ivy Tech have decided to eliminate Sue's Master's degree as an acceptable credential to allow her to continue teaching Human Services. Sue has so much hands-on knowledge and experience in this field because of the diversity of her employment history, but this was not even a factor in the decision that will ultimately cost her the teaching career she loves. After 13 loyal years of teaching at Ivy Tech, Sue deserves better than this. Even if Sue hasn't ever taught you personally, do you want this same thing to happen to your favorite teacher/mentor whoever that may be?? These changes are coming in fast and under the radar throughout Ivy Tech and with no regard for student opinion or the quality of each student’s education. No teacher is safe, and it’s time to fight back! Action Petitioned For: We the undersigned urge and compel our leaders at Ivy Tech to repeal the decision to change the acceptable credentials required to teach and allow Sue Skinner to remain an amazing educator in Ivy Tech’s Human Services Department.



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