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KEEP SEA OATS BEACH ZONED as a CONSERVATION AREA! The village of Islamorada is considering amending the future land use map for the south end of Sea Oats Beach, (approximately mile maker 74.5) from CONSERVATION (C) to RESIDENTIAL MEDIUM(RM)/RESIDENTIAL SINGLE FAMILY (R1) based on the request of The Kauai Family limited Family Partnership LLC. The Islamorada Local Planning Agency will hold a public hearing on January 14 2013 at 5:30pm at the Founders Park Community Center, 87000 Overseas Highway, Islamorada Florida 33036.  The conservation of the south end of Sea Oats Beach can be preserved!  

This beach is a vital resource to the community. One of the last remaining natural spaces!  I Urge families, students, fishing enthusiasts, and anyone who loves Islamorada to SAY NO to re-zoning the south end of Sea Oats Beach from Conservation to Residential.  Keep Sea Oats Beach Green, Natural and Conserved!  Attend the Meeting! Sign the petition! Protect Sea Oats Beach! KEEP SEA OATS BEACH zoned as CONSERVATION!

KEEP SEA OATS BEACH Zoned as CONSERVATION!   SAY NO to the request from the Kauai Limited Family Partnership LLC  to amend the future land use map from Conservation to Residential. 





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