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Scott Weiland was my childhood hero and the music he's made over the past 20 years means a hell of a lot to me and millions of others. Over the past few years, it is quite apparent that there has been a rapid decline in his physical and mental health. From what i understand - alcohol (and possibly prescription medication) is playing a huge part in all of this. I hope with this petition/online intervention - to let Scott know that everyone out there is barracking for him and wants him to be at the top of his game again in both his personal and professional life. We see cases like this all the time - so let's not let one of the greatest frontmen of all time - become a statistic. Just because he's out-lived a number of his peers - doesn't mean he's in any less trouble. Scott, if you read this - I wish you nothing but the best and hope that by seeing this - you realise that everyone around you wants you to get better as soon as possible. Big.Fan.




  • Nick Stellate
    Nick Stellate United States, Los Angeles
    Jul 24, 2015
    Jul 24, 2015
    His manager has to get him in rehab- with an intervention
    Or he'll be dead soon!
    We go way back- he looks like death now


  • 2 years ago
    Nick Stellate United States
    2 years ago