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Save Power Hour!

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The time honored tradition of “power hour” as we know it is at stake.

Some guy decided to make products based on the well-known drinking game, known as “power hour”. Fine. BUT THEN, he decided to trademark the term, greedily hoarding it for himself and bullying anyone who dare use this laughably generic phrase for his/her own drunk-worthy initiatives. He’s trying to stop everyone but himself from making or sharing power hours. Yes, really. 

If you like booze… If you like booze in excess... If you like booze with friends in excess… 

Step up already. Sign this petition.

One brave crusader has done WAY MORE than her part to save power hour. For two years, Ali Spagnola has honorably (often drunkenly) fought a legal battle against this fearful adversary of collegiate fun and freedom. Thousands of dollars later, testimony filed, the war rages on. Thing is, Ali is merely one musician and she’s fighting for a cause that affects us all.

What’s the big deal? A trademark owner can commence legal proceedings for “unauthorized use” of that trademark. He can send cease & desist letters to shut down power hour websites, remove YouTube videos, stop people from distributing power hour software and whatnot. I hate to say it, but this trademark is downright (ahem) sobering.  

Why shouldn’t a trademark apply here? Trademarked products and services originate from one unique source, distinguished from other entities. Power hour is NOT a product or service and it is most certainly not unique to one source. Power hour is a state of mind, an experience and a good time. It’s a party game genre if anything, and anyone who likes taking a shot of beer every 60 seconds knows it. This guy should not be the only one allowed to use the term “power hour”. It’s like a company trademarking “poker” and bullying anyone that tries to play the game. 

What is the likelihood that your signature will help achieve anything? http://www.snopes.com/inboxer/petition/internet.asp 

Is that the point? Heck no. Besides, I’m not even asking you to *fight* for your right – just to point, sign and click, man. Seriously. Then tell your friends! The more people that recognize the term as “generic” the less validity a trademark has. Plus it will give Ali moral support as she continues to fight in court and shell out absurd legal fees. 

Save power hour, for the sake of America’s youth and all things good in the world.


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