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Dear PetSmart Inc

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"Using the High-Velocity Dryer This Method should be introduced slowly with any new pet or puppy. Have the pet listen to the sound before the air is introduced. Help build its confidence. Once the pets seems calm, slowly and from a distance ring the air up around its feet and rear. Do this on a single speed with no condenser cone. Once the pet accepts that, slowly bring the air in the closer and move it up the body. Try not to let the air pass over the pet's face or in its ears. As the pet grows more accepting, try adding the condenser cone, or boost the dryer up to a second speed and then add the cone. If at any point the pet objects or becomes difficult to handle, back down to the previous step that produced a positive result. . . Always remember, the pet takes its cue from you, Your confidence will communicate to the pet. Work gently, but firmly, using a minimal amount of verbal positive or negative reinforcement. Let your hands and eyes to the speaking for you." Page 40 of "Notes From The Grooming Table, Melissa Verplank, CMG. Which is the book that is part of the curriculum of all academy trained groomers at PetSmart.

In order for a groomer to effectively and speedily complete a groom they must have the correct tools at hand. Taking away our dryer nozzle options is like getting rid of the electricity that provided to power to our clippers, or denying us the use of a slicker brush to brush out a coat.

To produce a quality groom we must be able to correctly and efficiently dry and prepare a dogs coat to be finished. With out the correct tools to dry a dogs coat we might as well not bother with drying and send out clients home damp and with underwhelming grooms. Allow me to explain why different dryer nozzles not only speed up drying but are also critical to the grooming process and provides the most effective treatment of the dogs coat.

First the principals of effective drying; Extraction, Air Flow, and Humidity.

Extraction is the process where a groomer physically removes water from their dog's skin and coat. This is accomplished with two steps, towel drying and the using of the velocity dryer; with appropriate nozzle for dog's coat. Proper extraction of water from a wet coat can reduce drying time tremendously. Air Flow, is critical to the drying process. It allows for the evaporation of water left over after the extraction method with the use of towels.

Air flow that is more concentrated speeds up the evaporation/ drying speeds. Air flow promotes drying, which stagnant air cannot. Air Flow is produced by dryer nozzles.

Each nozzle serves a different purpose and is a critical tool in the grooming process. Each nozzle provides different benefits depending on the pets coat, which can be determined by the groomer.The cone shape nozzle or condenser nozzle. The most noisy of the nozzles, but also the most beneficial at removing concentrated undercoat. The cone shape concentrates the air that helps aid in extracting and removing undercoat. Which cuts brushing time down tremendously, thus aiding in the speed and efficiency of grooming a dog that is shedding, and preparing the coat for brushing and/or trimming. Using a lesser nozzle on dogs with a double coat and tight undercoat would cause the grooming process to double if not triple.

The thin flat nozzle makes less noise than it's cousin the cone/condenser nozzle. The benefits of this nozzle is it creates a wide area of air flow and extracts more water from the coat at a higher speed than other nozzles can.

The wide flat nozzle the quietest of the effective nozzles. It provides a soft air flow and it great when drying senior dogs, puppies, nervous dogs and dogs with a history of seizures.

Dehumidification is also important to the drying process as keeping the air humidity free helps provided a speedier drying environment.

There is noise that is produced from the velocity dryers, different nozzle create there own unique sound. Each groomer is capable of determining which nozzle would be most effective to dry their dog based on how the dog as been behaving up to this point. While drying a dog this can change at any moment in the drying process. The nozzle a groomer choices that the being of drying may be a cone nozzle to remove thick undercoat in the rear. Then as the groomer works to the body a flat nozzle may me attached to wick the water of the body more effectively, as we move toward the neck and head area a wider flat nozzle, circular nozzle or no nozzle is used while drying sensitive areas around the face always avoiding direct air to the dogs face.

Puppies, seniors, nervous and dogs with a history of seizures always get treated more sensitively. As the velocity dryer is an obvious source of noise which can cause anxiety and stress. Groomers know and can access which nozzle would be a best fit for these dogs. Part of the grooming process while drying a dog is to allow them to adjust tot he dryer noise and slowly desensitize them to the noise and sensation. As it is just part of the grooming process and the needs to be learned and taught to each dog, that they are safe and as a groomer sensitive to there needs while getting dried. We are all trained to understand signs of stress and never force a dog to go through any part of the grooming process that may effect them negatively and if a dog is to show signs of stress, during and part of the grooming process; drying or otherwise we are to stop the groom immediately.

Senior dogs and dogs with a history of seizures obviously need special attention. While getting dried should be monitored more closely and any abnormal behavior should be taken an indication to down step your drying process or stop drying with a velocity dryer all together. When a Pet Parent informs us that there pets has a history of seizures we should always ask if the trigger is know. If the seizure is induced by noise, the groomer should decide an alternative method of drying with towels, or fluff dryer. If the groomer thinks a velocity dryer on the lowest setting without a nozzle to being with.Seizures in most dogs are unpredictable they can be induced by noise but denying the use of nozzle options because of this is ridiculous. Most dogs with a history of seizers are on medications that prevent them from having seizures.

Better alternative to the removal of dryer nozzle options would be to allow the following which are practiced in our salon and are an effective was of keep our dogs calm and stress free. All of which are simple and cost effective. Simply placing cotton balls in a dogs ears to block out the noise of the dryer works, although dogs tend to shake their head and they come out.

A More effective alternative is to wrap a towel around a dogs ears, providing a calming effect, while blocking out noise and simultaneously drying a dogs head and ears, while there body is getting dried.

An ever better method would be to provide all salons or allow groomers to use their own happy hoodies. A Happy Hoody is a flexible, soft absorbent fabric hood that goes around a dogs ears and neck. Which has been proven to effectively ease anxiety while aiding in the drying process. Happy Hoodies help protect ears and calm nervous dogs. Saving on the drying time, it take a minimal amount of time and effort to use and have the maximum amount of benefits to the groomer an the dog. While using a towel around a dogs head and cotton balls in the ears work, dogs tend to shake them off, as for the Happy Hoody it is comfortable and not bothersome and they keep it on.

Using any of these methods are beneficial for all dogs but especially puppies, seniors, nervous dogs and dogs with a history of seizures.

A quality groom is dependent on the correct method of drying a dog, we cannot correctly and efficiently dry a dog with out the proper tools. Which is why having multiple dryer nozzle options is a must. PetSmart groomers have all be trained to look for critical signs of stress and to best access the most effective way of grooming our clients.

Taking away our dryer nozzle options will produce slower grooms, and not allow groomers to do as many dogs as they are now. This will effect levels of stress in the salons, and will only trickle in to the stress levels of our dogs and their Pet Parents.

Please reconsider your decision to take away our nozzle options as PetSmart academy trained groomers we have be given the knowledge to provide the best care and grooms for our dogs. For us to achieve this we must be able to have adequate tools taking away dryer nozzle options is just as bad as taking away our slicker brushes, shears, and clippers.

Thank you

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