Save our Pets!

Gina Anders
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It cannot get any stranger in West Virginia, the State decides to ban bunnies, certain fish,toads, certain frogs, birds, turtles and sugar gliders.

That's right, a new rule change with the Department of Agriculture bans rabbits and hundreds of other pets, UNLESS YOU PAY FOR A PERMIT TO KEEP THEM.

Here is a link to the story and list of 'banned unless paid for pets'

You need to act NOW and demand your state delegate does NOT support this revenue raising scheme by GovernorTomblin.

This is nothing more than another 'tax and spend' scheme brought to you by Charleston.

Sign this petition to tell your state elected representativeto vote no on this insanity!


I demand that the State of West Virginia, and our elected officials reject the proposal of the so called 'Wild and Dangerous Animal Board'.

This is nothing short of another money making scheme by the tax and spend politicians and bureaucrats in Charleston.

We the undersigned demand that our State Elected officials rejected this insanity!



July 9
We are now live!


  • Ben .
    Ben . Australia, Brisbane
    Jun 04, 2015
    Jun 04, 2015
    I'm in Australia, QLD. My state bans bunnie COMPLETLEY! Please sign my petition too!


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