Save our Oceans: Make a phone call to Starkist for sustainable fishing

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Unfortunately, all the main US tuna brands are engaged in the same destructive fishing methods using fish aggregating devices and purse seine nets, as well as conventional longlines. These types of fishing kill countless sharks, turtles, rays, marlin and baby tuna. StarKist is one of the largest tuna brands in the US. Their parent company, Dongwon, has a history of illegal fishing and ranked at the bottom of Greenpeace’s Korean sustainable tuna guide last year. StarKist needs to abandon destructive fishing practices and create a “light” tuna that’s light on bycatch. They can do it and with your help we can get them there. First and foremost, these companies must stop using FADs—this irresponsible method of fishing takes too great a toll on our oceans.

Second, they must stop using the outdated and unsustainable fishing practice of conventional longlines, thus creating a more sustainable albacore (“white”) tuna operation. This also means ending the practice of shark finning once and for all—both within their own companies and within any companies from which they source their tuna.StarKist and its parent company, Dongwon, need to stop fishing in the Pacific Commons. Instead, the companies’ vessels should fish in the managed waters of the Pacific Island states, where they will be under stronger and enforced quotas and will pay appropriate and equitable fees to the local people for access to their tuna resources.

The companies must also support efforts to designate the four high seas pockets as no-take marine reserves. Doing so will benefit the future of both the oceans and of the tuna industry, ensuring jobs and tuna into the future.

The United States is the world's largest market for canned tuna. StarKist is one of the most destructive canned tuna companies in the US. StarKist's parent company, Dongwon, is one of the largest tuna producers in the world. We want to show StarKist and Dongwon that US consumers care about the sustainability of their tuna and want them to change their fishing methods.

Make a call for sustainable tuna today!:

Stephen Hodge, Senior VP, Sales 412-323-7400 x7477
Andrew Choe, Director of Planning & Procurement 412-323-7400 x7565

"My name is _____. I care about the health of our oceans and

as a consumer I don't support the use of destructive fishing

methods. StarKist should stop wrecking the ocean and commit

to sustainable fishing practices."





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