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I am sure everyone knows that the United States of America is in debt. China, Japan, Brazil, and Hong Kong has bought some of our debt just to name a few. Our economy is in the worst shape it has been in since the Great Depression. I have proposed a plan to help get the economy grow and stay stable. The plan is to start a small tax on all the working class. The tax is just one dollar out of every check, so two dollars a month which totals to twenty-four dollars a year. This tax would only happen two consecutive years of every decade. This money will be used to cut our national debt down. By doing this it will jump start the economy, bring gas prices down, drop unemployment, and create new jobs. Our country is in desperate need of help and we the people have the power to change that, but we have to work together to make a change. Lets help our country rise from the ashes that we are currently in. Thank you for all of your support




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