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Urgent Appeal

Some government officials of the City of Fort Scott are taking steps that may significantly affect your Valnet wireless Internet service!

Since 2005, Valnet has provided wireless Internet access service to the Fort Scott area.  The main backbone of our wireless network is our transmission point on the Southern Water Tower which is broadcasting signals to your home or business.  In providing such valuable services, Valnet has not increased its fee for Internet access in more than seven years. 

Last fall, the City of Fort Scott contacted Valnet and demanded that we remove our equipment from the Water Tower.  Since then, Valnet has been negotiating in good faith with the City of Fort Scott to maintain its equipment on the tower and continually provide service to you.

HOWEVER, the City Manager of Fort Scott has now demanded an excessive monthly fee to allow our equipment to remain on the Southern Water Tower.  In fact, according to the Wireless Internet Service Providers Association, the fee being demanded by the City of Fort Scott is about 10 times higher than the average fee paid by other like-sized service providers.  Even after Valnet offered to pay the City of Fort Scott a fair monthly amount based upon market rates, this appointed City Official has maintained his arbitrary position and demands. 

Please know the City Manager’s position could result in the City’s fees being passed through to you and your internet prices could be as much as $30-40 higher per month.  No one wants higher fees, not you and not Valnet.

This disheartening news comes on the back of Valnet's work in the field to bring additional capacity of 3 Mpbs and 5 Mpbs services to its customers. Valnet also provides customer service to all of its customers and many of you may have seen our vehicles around town improving our network and repairing any issues with your service. 

Many of our subscribers use our service to take online classes, provide home schooling for their children, work from home and operate businesses. In short, they depend on Valnet’s wireless Internet service.  Now, the City of Fort Scott wants exorbitant fees levied without reason or justification.  This is not only unfair to Valnet but it is unfair to you.


1. Call your city officials and tell them you want Valnet to pay a reasonable monthly lease amount for the use of the Water Tower.

2. Tell them why you depend on the services and how important it is to you.

3. Call the Local Newspaper

4. Sign our petition we will deliver to the city: In the comment box, be sure to say how losing your Internet will adversely affect you and your family.
Even though this is a tough time, as a token of our appreciation to our Fort Scott customers, Valet will give you 30 days of services free!


Gary Bukowski         City Commissioner    620-223-9972
Sam Mason         City Commissioner     620-223-5873
Jeanie Parker         City Commissioner     620-223-0159
Cindy Bartelsmeyer     City Commissioner     620-719-6811


Fort Scott Tribune Main Office 620-223-1460
Ruth Campbell, Editor,

Bourbon County Review Main Office 620-223-6200




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