Save NASA: One Of Reykjavík's Most Treasured Concert Halls

John Rogers
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This petition aims to save the NASA concert hall in Reykjavík, one of the true gems of the city. The hall is currently under serious threat of being demolished and redeveloped into a hotel.

NASA is rightfully beloved not only of the local music community and indigenous music audience, but by the tens of thousands of visitors who come to Reykjavík every year for the Airwaves Festival and various other music events on the city's cultural calendar.

NASA is a legendary space that holds precious memories for many people, as the Facebook outcry at the news of the senseless destruction of this very special venue illustrates. Reykjavík has a huge amount of hotels, and no shortage of space for new or regenerated buildings, but there is only one NASA. Wiping out this venue is an upsetting decision that amounts to an attack on the unique music culture of Reykjavík.

The undersigned would ask the people behind this to look very carefully at their decision, to see sense, and to reconsider this destructive course of action.


John Rogers. Director of Brainlove Records, co-manager of Apparat Organ Quartet and Rökkurró, sometime writer for The Reykjavík Grapevine, collaborator with Iceland Airwaves ('09/'10) & Reykjavík Music Mess.