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*Attention Paul Revere students, parents, and anybody else: If you would like to further support Mr.Carnine, there is a Facebook page and group! It would be extremely helpful if you could like the page and join the group!
The page:
The group:
Dear LAUSD school board and staff of Paul Revere charter middle school,

The accusations of Steven Carnine being racist are false. It is unfair to punish a teacher for something he may or may not have even done. For reasons unknown, the person accusing him of these things is lying or may have their facts wrong. There is convincing proof and witnesses that just further support that Mr. Carnine never said anything racist. Everyone who has signed below is a student of Steven Carnine, was a student, is a parent,
or wants to show their support. As a former student of Mr. Carnine, I can honestly say that he was the best teacher I have ever had and was in no way racist. After reading this, please see that we students (and anyone else) have banded together to prevent our favorite teacher from losing his job.

Please do not fire an amazing teacher, person, and addition to Paul Revere charter middle school.

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