SAVE the lots and lifes of Ukrainian citizens becoming hostages of war in Libya

Leslie Levkow
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The lots and lifes of Ukrainian citizens becoming hostages of war in Libya are under threat!

On June 4, 2012 Libyan Military court heard case of Ukrainian citizens arrested in August 2011 by revolutionary brigade "Al-Kaakaa". The court recognised all group guilty of assistance to Kaddafi forces and sentenced 23 people to 10 years of imprisonment and 1 person to life imprisonment.

It is group of the civil technicians who arrived in Libya under civil contracts. Instead of that they were captured by Kaddafi forces and enforced under pain of death to perform a little time works on military technical equipment repair. They did not participate in military operations, did not take weapon in their hands, and did not battle for any fighting parties!!! They are hostages of a current situation!

Especially it is necessary to notice that these people arrived in Libya under lawful contracts of the international cooperation, and they are citizens of the countries, which had diplomatic relations with Libya.

This decision is based on the emotional impulse caused by heat and horrors of the armed antagonism. So that it is perceived by the international society as unfair and severe one.

We call you for not to stand aside, not to ignore people lots!

Almost all prisoners are older people; there are among them those who suffer chronic diseases. For two years of imprisonment they have already enough endured and suffered. It may be that, it is a sufficient penalty. Further custody can cause the most serious consequences for their health, considering extremely severe conditions and absence of regular medical aid.

Today your help is necessary more than ever! In questions that concern lives of people, it is necessary to be guided not only norms of international law, but also humanity, mercy and magnanimity! If we and you do not try to do the utmost for the fair decision, we will kill hope of the families. Really we do not become involved in this human tragedy!




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